At Kanopy Forest Preschool, we believe in developing the whole child and allowing children to investigate the world through sensorial experiences.

Nature Yoga

Develop balance and coordination skills by being one with nature. Outdoor yoga has a calming effect and help manage anxiety. By focusing on the body, breath, and mind, we create a connection within ourselves. The aim is to develop an awareness of our own energy – our prana, or life force – which, over time, we will come to realise is the same life force within all living beings.

Nature explorers

Unleash your child’s imagination as they navigate their way through nature. Nature provides countless opportunities for discovery, creativity, problem-solving and STEM education. Interacting with natural environments allows children to learn by doing and experimenting with ideas. In nature, children think, question and make hypotheses – thereby developing inquisitive minds.

Chinese Speech & Drama

Develop mastery in Mandarin and uncover your child’s creativity through an age-calibrated Chinese Speech and Drama Programme. The programme develops creative ideas and abilities of children through the collaborative process od discussion, brainstorming, making choices, negotiating and rehearsing. Drama games and improvisation activities allow children to express a range of emotions in a controlled environment.

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